What we can do

The main thematic areas and used technologies:

  • devices and systems based on 8, 16 and 32-bit microcontrollers and DSP  from Microchip, Silabs, ARM core, ST Microelectronic, XMOS, Texas Instruments and others 
  • systems processing and recording of sound with single and multi-channel microphone arrays 
  • video systems – recording and post-processing
  • GNSS location systems, inertial, magnetic technology for dead reckoning
  • data acquisition and processing based on DSP and FPGA
  • transmission equipment using GSM, ISM, satellite, transmission networks and others 
  • contactless energy inductive power 
  • sensors of physical parameters and biomedical
  • measuring devices for ECG, EMG, HR, etc.

Our toys park includes:
– SMD soldering irons, IR heaters, hot air soldering irons
– BGA mounting / disassembly stations for black infrared
– professional multimeters, oscilloscopes, meters, generators
– logic analyzers
– mechanical components warehouse, THT, SMD
– mechanical parts and tools
– 3D printer
– climate chamber from -40 to 150 degrees – available soon

– Keil MDK PRO software (2018)

– Altium DXP 2010 and 2019

and much much more!