Our projects

Inowatronika has delivered over 150 successful projects. Here are described selected projects (newest first):

Classic 8-bit controller for testing machine with high power outputs and analog inputs.

Set of LoRa transceivers with different type of antenna acting like secure beacon devices. Details:

– FM, LoRa, more detailed radio specifications can be found in the LoRa documentation
– Frequency 868MHz
– Sensitivity -137dBm, Power 20dBm
– Range in open ground up to 16km
– Transmission current of approximately 145mA, 20mA receiving current
– 950mAh battery installed
– Maximum working time (960mAh battery) about 47 hours

Ultrasonic audio jammers with outstanding parametrs.

Acustic speaker with beamforming!

Microphone – linaer construction with beamforming!

Advanced secure communication system with phone functionalities.

Biometric shirts with cable and radio interface for biomedical signals measurements: ECG, EEG, Temperature, Movement, Breath, Resistance.

Measurement devices for biomedical shirts.

Mannequin for biomedical signals simulation.

Precision satelite navigation receiver with sub 1 meter accuracy for agrocultural market.

Test boards for HEC, BCP2, BCPvSE, HEC1, HEC2, BS1, BCp1 devices.

Monitoring band for prisoners with double receiver.

Multistandard radio link devices.

GSM/GPRS/LTE communication devices for telematic and telecommunication area.

Smart electricity meter with on the grid communication.

Testing sets for performance system testing of psycho-fizjological features of drivers.

Testing system equipement for environmental parameters.

VHF radio handset module with watermark transmision .

Electronic seal – device for securing cargo.

Ultra low noise ECG analog front end.

2-channel digital oscilosscope with USB and 500MHz band.

Accident sensor – device for detecting dangeorus traffic situations.

More finished projects from the archive will be described here soon.