About us

Inowatronika, company from Poland, operates continuously since 2007 on the Polish market and abroad. It was founded by Tomasz Radomski, PhD.
It works with private companies and also with Government Institutions and Universities.
The main areas of the company’s activity is design of electronic devices and systems for consumers and professionals in all areas, in particular in the field of:
– innovative devices and systems for measurement and telecommunication systems
– preparing and carrying out production of own devices and ordered by customers
– testing, modifications, documentation, expertise
– industrial research and applied.

Ordered projects are carried out on the basis of our own laboratory and parts warehouse. The scope of work includes:

  • hardware and software prototyping
  • prototypes assembling and testing
  • CAD projects for enclosures
  • 3D prints for mechanical parts of the devices and many more.

Our values and misions

We want to provide our clients and partners with the best possible technological solutions at a reasonable price. We believe in the power and goodness of technology, but only for the good of society as well as for the individual.